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Welcome to the Good Manners Kids Stuff Blog — the place where I’m going to share all the ups and downs (let’s hope more ups) of running my web business and site.

Maybe you’ll find it interesting, maybe funny, maybe helpful, maybe — well, I hope you won’t say “sad,” as you witness my teaching myself  how to get recognized on the web — how about eye-opening and exciting!

I’m new-ish to blogging, too.  I’ve started a couple over on Google — the Good Manners Mom  Blog and the Good Sport Bad Sport Blog.  I wanted to find out what WordPress offers — so here I am!

And last, I’m new-ish to all that social media stuff.  I recently signed up on Twitter to send “tweets” and I’ve got a few followers — not sure how — and I’ve signed up on Facebook  but again, not quite getting it.

Oh, well — baby steps, baby steps.  I put links in for the blogs and my website but they don’t seem to turn up yet, so let me give them to  you here: and

I hope you’ll check back soon.  I”ll start with the history of my site — how I decided to develop it and my marketing (or lack of marketing) strategies and new product ideas.   And then we’ll see where we go! 

After I sign off, the first things on my To Do list are to get pings out and put links on my Google Blogs back to here.  Technorati has been acting up so I may have to wait to ping it there.  

I’ll catch up with you soon,