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I’m finally back for my second post. My first one was back on May 13th. How embarrassing! I promise you that I have been very busy since then.

I am now writing 3 other blogs:, and I’ve also been working on my site, getting links and some new products.

In my first post I told you I would share my story and journey with you. Well, here’s a tiny bit to whet your appetite.

When my first daughter was born, I was a working mom (I still am) and I was very sad that I had to leave her to go back to work.

Like many new moms in my situation, I looked for all kinds of ways that I could stay home and also make money. I am ashamed to admit that I sent away for a Carleton Sheets real estate course off of an infomercial, and some other things that I can’t remember today. I poured over all the parenting magazines and sent away for some of the moms work at home information advertised in the back. I even found myself glueing fake tiny evergreen boughs to tiny wreaths for the (apparently huge, they said) tiny wreath market. I was all thumbs on that, glueing my fingers together!

There was not enough time in the day to glue enough wreaths and make enough money to stay home with my daughter — so I resolutely went back to work.

You know, as I read over what I’ve just written, I hope it doesn’t sound like I selling you a get rich quick scheme. Believe me, it isn’t! This is just my background, how and why I got started on the path that has resulted with me here, today.

Okay — now that disclaimer is out of the way, the next think I started looking into was selling personalized children’s books.

Now, I am a huge author-to-be and an even more huge (?huger?) reader so that seemed like it could be appealing. But I would need to spend $35,000 to buy a franchise and I was also going to have to do a lot of traveling — sort of defeating the purpose of staying home with my daughter!

After that I sort of chilled. Then my company was bought and they let go all of the creative people. There I was with a very nice severance package (23 weeks) but I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I needed a job and benefits (I forgot to mention that my husband is self-employed and I carry the benefits — even back then). I got networking and interviewing and within 2 months I was gainfully employed at a direct response agency 1 hour from our house and daycare.

Still not my vision of my ideal existence!

Well, I think that’s all I’ll share today! I am not that familiar with WordPress and I seem to be in some QuickPress section that isn’t allowing me to see the whole blog. (Not optimum for an English major who writes for a living!) Plus, I need to get my linkages activated.

I hope to check back sooner than 3 months this time — thank you for reading!